Questions & Answers

Why MANIMAL over other brands?

There are many reasons why people choose MANIMAL over other brands.

For starters all of our apparel is 100% Made in USA and is held to a higher standard of quality and sustainability from our fabric to our production. They start off in cut and sew in Los Angeles and then are finished in Portland, OR. The inks we use are non toxic, low impact and eco-friendly and the washes and dyes used to create our shirts require less water than the industry standard. Combine all of that with a better fit and durability and you have an incredible T.

We support charity organizations by donating proceeds from every Wrist Wrap sale and we support American Veterans and their families by offering an exclusive 20% discount.

We're in the gym training just as hard as you are, many times next to you. Other brands claim they're living the life, but have you ever seen their owners Deadlift 500lbs, Squat double bodyweight, or even do a WOD? 

We know what it's like to struggle, grow, lose and win in many arenas of life. Nothing was handed to us.

As a result we can relate to you and with that comes some of the best customer service around. The owners are involved with your purchase and your experience directly. We are the employees and we own and operate the business like we should, with pride.

MANIMAL has a unique style and edge that comes from a mixed background of art, culture and fitness that makes us original and separate from other brands. Our designs aren't about who's the bigger badass or what's the current hype, they're about our culture and message.

In 2009 we started by designing custom clothing for CrossFit gyms and after 6 months we released our first line in early 2010. As a result we have our strong roots as a CrossFit Clothing Brand but if you look around you'll see we're nothing like the other brands. In the present day we have become a Performance Brand appealing to everyone within and outside of the CrossFit Community. 

When you buy from us, you're part of a bigger and stronger message. Stand Apart.

What is Ruck Feebok all about?

To put it simply, a couple years ago all of the Clothing Brands that were appearing in the top search results of "CrossFit Clothing" on the web were sent Cease & Desist letters threatening a law suit if we did not remove any mention of the word CrossFit on our sites.

This was because, as a result of the Reebok & CrossFit partnership, they were launching an official Reebok CrossFit Clothing Store and wanted to use CrossFit's Trademark as an excuse to remove competition from online search results. 

Basically, they sent illegitimate threats to strongarm smaller companies into rolling over. We came up as a CrossFit Brand back in 2009 and there is no other way to describe the community or "sport" without using the word CrossFit.

We knew our rights, so we made the Ruck Feebok T and told them to shove it. It became our best selling T and we did not get sued.

Are your T's Unisex?

For the sake of us guys, please stop taking our t-shirts! We do not make Unisex T's, however our Men's T's are slim fitting and we make a size Small so that women can order any T they'd like. Just order a size down from your usual size and enjoy!

When will I receive my order?

We ship orders straight from our studio usually within 24-48 hours after we have received an order. We do not ship on weekends so if you place your order on a Saturday it will most likely ship Monday.

You will receive a tracking number when your order leaves our studio to make sure you're not left waiting for delivery. You can subscribe to updates via Messenger if you'd like when you place your order.

In the case that you would like something rushed faster than Priority, let's say Overnight, just let us know at before you place your order and we'll make it happen.

If you order during the Holidays, expect delays with shipping. We recommend placing orders for Christmas by December 15th and before with ground shipping and by December 19th with Priority.

Whats the difference between your shipping options and what am I paying for?

We offer two options for shipping. One is 3-5 Day Ground and the other is 2-3 Day Priority. Both are through USPS.

This does not guarantee you will have your order in 3-5 or 2-3 days. It means that once your order has shipped from our studio this is the service that your order will be shipped with.

We've used these shipping options for years and they are almost always within the 3-5 or 2-3 day window. Our average delivery time for all orders in the past two years is within 3 days. However we do not guarantee that you will have your order in that time frame.

There can be delays from accidents, weather, holidays and shipping carrier issues that are out of our control.

If you have questions contact us and we'll do our best to help.

Do you ship International?

We ship worldwide. We’ve shipped to countries where customs has held orders for up to 4 weeks, *cough cough* Israel. We will ship an order anywhere you would like. Our international community has supported us since the beginning of 2010 and we wouldn’t imagine denying anyone our products!

Do you ship to APO / Military Bases?

Many of our customers are in the Military or are spouses/family of veterans. We absolutely ship to Military Bases and APOs. We also offer a 20% Military Discount.

Please use an APO address for your orders and we will make sure it gets to you. If you provide us with an address that is not an APO and it's intended destination is on a Military Base, it will be returned to us. 

What if I want to return my order?

We only accept returns if you have contacted us first and been approved for a return. 

If you ship your items or part of your order back without contacting us first you will not be issued a refund.

Refunds are issued for the total amount of the order excluding the cost of shipping. 

How do I care for MANIMAL T's?

Unfortunately life is not fair. Not all T's are created equal. MANIMAL T's are made with a RARE blend of Zeus's beard and Pegasus's mane. We went through great lengths to get Zeus drunk enough to shave his beard and borrow his lightning bolts to shoot Pegasus out of the sky.

So please do not treat your MANIMAL T's like your old high school sports shirts and just throw them in the wash with your underwear and socks. They will shrink, the print will wear faster than usual and a puppy will die somewhere.

All jokes aside, wash delicate and hang dry. At the least tumble dry low. 

How do I care for MANIMAL Wrist Wraps?

Easy! Hand wash with cold or hot water and hang dry. They are mostly made with cotton and all the dirt, sweat and chalk will wash right out of them. We recommend washing them every couple of months but our Wrist Wraps are known to last years without any care.

How do your T's fit?

We make mainly two different styles of T's. Athletic and Fashion cut T's. Both of them are similar except the Fashion T's are longer. All of our T's are slimmer around the chest, body and the sleeves cut in. "Boxy" is the last thing that will come to mind when thinking of our T's. With that in mind, if you prefer a looser fitting T order a size up, otherwise order your usual size. Don't worry about returns, if you're not happy with something just let us know and we'll take care of it! 

Where is MANIMAL located?

Our studio is located in Portland, Oregon but we also operate out of Southern California. 

Does MANIMAL have a retail location?

Unfortunately we do not have a retail location.

Our products are sold online only from our site and shipped straight from our studio. This helps keep cost down, letting us release more products and use your purchases in better ways to further the brand. You will never see our products being carried discounted at "WOD Shops". To make up for this, we have a very fast turn around time, great customer service and higher quality products.

When do you re-stock your shirts?

All of our T's are a Limited Run. This means we do not re-stock our T's. Once a design is sold out, it is gone forever.

We make our T's in very small quantities to keep the quality as high as possible. When you buy one of our T's you can rest assured that there will not be thousands, even hundreds of people wearing the same T you have.

On rare occasions we will bring back a design but even then the colors, garment and details will be changed. There is a certain pride that comes with owning something special that very few other people have.

Don't wait, buy them while you can or you can join the list of e-mails we get asking if we have extras - No, we don't. 

For every question there is an answer. For every problem, there is a solution. For everything else, there is a Contact (Click Here).