EST. 2010


The kind that is built one day at a time.


Life is a training ground. If you pursue success, you will be continuously tested by obstacles and adversity. They will either make you or break you. If you can make short-term sacrifices, face fear and push through adversity, you’ll grow to succeed at any goal. Life doesn’t get easier; you just grow stronger.

We support this pursuit by providing performance and longevity in the form of durable products and proven designs built to keep you training.


We know the importance of training for an athlete. We also know what it feels like to be held back from training.

Our story begins in 2010 with our founder George Corbo. He was a CrossFit coach, spending seven days a week in a gym – coaching athletes and training in Strength & Conditioning.

In high school, George had broken both his wrists in a football accident, and even though he had continued to play sports and train, his wrists were never the same. During and after training, his wrists continued to hurt and ache no matter how strong he grew.

Strength and Conditioning is hard enough without pain. He needed a solution. He started with athletic tape around the wrists, but it did not eliminate the pain, and it was uncomfortable and unsustainable as it pulled on his skin and ended in the trash daily.

Like anyone would, he went out and purchased all the wrist wraps he could find available in stores and online. None of them performed to the standard he needed for intense training and heavy weight.

So he started working on his own pair. After a year of research and development and 10 prototypes, he had sourced the best materials and innovated the perfect pair of Wrist Wraps.

His pain was gone and his performance improved immediately. He could put on the wraps quickly, lift as much weight as he wanted pain-free, and wear the wraps for his entire session, no matter how long it was or what he was doing. He had found the perfect combination of stretch and support, so they were comfortable and lasted years of use.

It started with athletes at George's gym and soon spread to thousands of gym-goers, military personnel in bases around the world, and competitive athletes. Strength athletes from Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, and CrossFit immediately loved the wraps.

At MANIMAL, we approach every product the same way we did the first: built to last and to perform at the highest level. We strive for perfection in our products because we know your training demands it, and as athletes – so do we.


Wolves are natural leaders. They’re strong and agile, able to adapt to any environment, and driven to survive no matter the adversities they face. They can survive alone or thrive as a pack. Most of all, they impact their environment to create positive change.

At MANIMAL, we strive to be the wolf. To embody strength, courage, and change. To challenge ourselves to be better, be stronger, and encourage it in others around us.

When you see our mark – a blend of a Wolf Paw and Human hand – we hope it will guide you to choose strength and remind you to Stand Apart.


Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.