MANIMAL wrist wraps are covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

This warranty covers defects and quality issues with the design or materials of the wrist wraps that is not a result of regular wear and tear.

The wear of your wrist wraps will vary according to how you treat them. If you take care of your wrist wraps they should last years.

We have overbuilt MANIMAL wrist wraps purposefully to allow seams to break, threads to loosen and elastic to snap with little effect on the performance of the wrap. It took over a year of Development to get to the perfect pair. 

We're constantly striving to make them even better with less breakdown over time.

Should there be an issue please shoot us an email at with the order number in the subject line.

Example Subject Line: "Warranty Claim (Order Number)".

Provide a description of the problem and attach photos.

We will not accept warranty claims without proof of purchase and photos of the issue.

If the problem is covered under the Warranty we will send you a new pair, of equal value, of your choice based on what is currently in stock.

If your MANIMAL wrist wraps are stolen at the gym, if your dog chews them to bits, if your ex-wife sets them on fire, email It won't be covered under warranty, but we'll probably help you get a new pair.