Wrist Wraps

One order contains one pair of Wrist Wraps. A Wrist Wrap for each Wrist. Or in other words Two Wrist Wraps.

Yes - and it's a good thing!

Thumb loops enable you to put Wrist Wraps on faster, get a more accurate wrap, flex your hand and forearm while wrapping so that you don't cut off blood flow and are all around the most efficient way to put on Wrist Wraps!

Unfortunately a certain brand has been falsely advertising that thumb loops are bad and that a "belt loop system" is better. It's confusing people and we're hearing more and more about it.

We're happy to set the record straight here and speak for not only ourselves but other brands that sell Wrist Wraps.

We tested and compared thumb loops on wrist wraps against a "belt loop system" as soon as this false advertising started. We wanted to see if in fact it actually was beneficial to performance, comfort or usability.

Unfortunately we found there is a really good reason why not a single other brand makes Wrist Wraps with a "belt loop system".

It's less convenient to wrap, not as comfortable, increases the time it takes to put on Wrist Wraps and adds No Benefit.

We've made it our business for the last 10 years to know everything Wrist Wrap related and we can confidently say that the only reason people may not like thumb loops is because they wear them for the entire use of their wrist wraps instead of only when putting them on. This is incorrect and a common misconception.

MANIMAL does not recommend you wear your thumb loops during training. They're there only to assist in putting on your wraps.

Either let them hang or tuck them in between your wraps when you're finished putting them on. Simple as that.

Don't fall for marketing gimmicks - we care about performance and quality and that's why we're better.

We do not recommend you wear your thumb loops while using your Wrist Wraps. The thumb loops are there only to assist in putting on the Wrist Wraps.

If you wear them while training It will stretch them out, pull on the wraps and eventually wear them down.

We have identified the Thumb Loops as the first part of the Wrap to fail over the course of our  Wrist Wrap's life (Years).

So, don't wear them and the Wrist Wraps will be damn near bulletproof!

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps lasts an average of three years!

We have pairs that have lasted 7 years of regular use but they have stretched out by that time and have a noticeable decrease in performance.

This does not mean they will continue to look new forever. They will look worn, dirty if not washed, have loose threads, pillaged cotton and pillaged velcro but they should still perform their function well.

We recommend trading out your Wrist Wraps for a fresh pair every year.

Before we answer that question - we have to clear up a big misconception in the Wrist Wrap world.

A Wrist Wrap's Performance is not based on the Length. It is based on the design and quality of the materials used.

When we produced MANIMAL Wrist Wraps in 2010 - we created a superior design and sourced the best materials from around the world. As a result our Wrist Wraps were able to be shorter, put on faster and still outperform longer wrist wraps!

With that said  - we offer two types of Wrist Wraps.

Our Original Wrist Wraps, like these, are 17" long and made with the perfect balance of support, stretch and comfort.

They are made to be versatile. This means you can wear them in all training styles, for your whole session, whether you are focusing on strength or conditioning or both.

This includes CrossFit, Powerlifting, Strongman, Weightlifting and Bodybuilding.

Our Power Wrist Wraps, like these, are 31.5" long and made with a more stiff, maximum support that are not comfortable for long periods of time.

They are made for strictly Strength Training - where you would be focusing on lifting and taking off your Wrist Wraps inbetween sets.

Because of their length you can effectively "Cast" your wrists for no movement, mobility and max output.

Both of these Wrist Wraps go very well together. We commonly use the Power Wrist Wraps for the Strength portion of our workout and then switch to our Original Wrist Wraps for our conditioning workouts, like CrossFit Metcons.

If you want your Wrist Wraps to last as long as possible - we recommend you hand wash them. 

Fill a sink with cold water - add soap if desired. Soak the Wrist Wraps in the water, squeeze and rinse.

Repeat this step as many times as necessary or until the water coming out of the Wrist Wraps no longer looks dirty.

Do not scrub them against each other or other objects.

If you do Machine Wash your Wrist Wraps they will only last a year before they need to be replaced.

Some of our customers Machine Wash, others Sink Wash - all Hang Dry. Do not Machine Dry your Wrist Wraps.


1. Put your thumb through the thumb loop.

2. Fold your hand back so your palm is facing up.

3. Form a fist so your forearm is flexed and keep this position for the next steps.

4. Line up the wrist wrap with the top of your wrist under the base of the hand.

5. Wrap the Wrist Wraps around your wrists lining up with the layers below each wrap.

6. Pull as tight or loose as you want.

7. Attach Velcro.

8. Remove thumb loop and tuck under or in between. (Do not wear!)

8. Train Hard and Stand Apart!

No - we do not make a left or right Wrist Wrap. They are universal.

You can pull your Wrist Wraps out of your bag and put them on any hand you would like.

You can even mix and match different colors for fun. It is completely up to you!

Yes! We have customers of all sizes, genders and ages wearing our Wrist Wraps. 

The design of our wraps is made so that anyone can wear them. No matter the size of their wrists. 

Strength is a lifelong pursuit. It takes time to build and it is relative for all athletes.

There are benefits to wearing Wrist Wraps. Both in Performance, Safety and Recovery,

If you have had previous injuries or currently have a wrist injury and want to continue to train with less pain or no pain - these will help.

If you're new to training and want to get training gear you can continue to use for years to come, we're a great place to start.

If you're an experienced strength athlete and want to get more from your training sessions, lift heavier weight and take the strain off your wrists - these are perfect for you.

With this said - Wrist Wraps are not an excuse for poor mobility. Your body needs to be able to get into safe and efficient positions in order for your performance and safety to be at an optimal level. Work on your shoulder mobility and get yourself into better positions so you have less strain in your body then you should.

The short answer is - there is no level of Strength you need to be at to benefit from Wrist Wraps. They are a tool and just like any tool there is great value from knowing how and when to use them!

The founder of MANIMAL broke both his Wrists in high school playing football.

Years later as a CrossFit coach he was training every day and no matter how strong he grew he continued to have wrist pain during and after training.

That was what led him to develop and launch MANIMAL Wrist Wraps.

Our Wrist Wraps will decrease if not remove pain from past injuries or current injuries and strains.

They do this by supporting the wrist joint so that the load from training is not on the tendons of the wrist or the structure of the wrists - but distributed through the arm and the rest of the body.

This will allow you to heal from injuries and lower the amount of strain on your wrists. 

Depending on the issue - there is a good chance our Wrist Wraps will help but we can't guarantee it.

No! This is one of the biggest misconceptions we hear on a daily basis.

It comes from flawed logic and a lack of understanding how the Wrists work as well as the anatomy of the Wrists.

We'll explain this as we've spent the last 10 years learning more and more about this as well as testing with customers and a BioMechanics Advisor on our team.

But if you don't use something it will get weak right? Wrong - because we use our Wrists every day - outside of the gym. When we're on our phones, when we pick things up, when we literally do anything with our hands...

The Wrists are fragile - that's why it's so easy to injure or break them. Think about all the ways you can injure your wrists - everyone has experienced it.

That is because the Wrists are made for fine motor movements not for heavy lifting or continuous physical work. You can rotate your hand in every direction, move your fingers any which way you'd like - it's a beautiful thing - all thanks to the Wrists.

But the Wrists were not made to do what we do in a gym. There's a reason Olympic Weightlifters and every other Strength Athlete at a high level uses Wrist Wraps.

Even ancient warriors like the Spartans, Gladiators and Romans used Wrist Wraps made out of leather with lacing and buckles to protect their Wrists in battle.

Did you know the forearm muscles actually control movement of the Wrists? Most people think it's the other way around...

So what are we doing with Wrist Wraps? We're applying compression to the Ulna and Radius. This provides stabilization of the joint and allows the tendons in the Wrist to be in a safe position and the arm, wrist and hand to now be a much more powerful structure by eliminating the weakest connection point. (Not just in the arm but the body.)

This really comes into play when you're generating energy - most of the time through the floor - and driving it into an object you're lifting. Now the Wrists is a stable platform that the energy can transfer through without loss and you're not straining your tendons.

The result? You can lift more for longer, stimulating your muscles more, protecting your wrists and getting more from your training as you get stronger every day.

To top it off - we have had customers who wore our Wrist Wraps for 3 years during daily training and then took them off and trained without them for 3 months. Their Wrist were not weaker and over the course of the 3 months their Wrists did not get stronger. What they did notice was a decrease in their performance in Lifts and the amount of work they could accomplish during a training session without Wrist Wraps.

So in conclusion - there is no downside to wearing Wrist Wraps and it will not make your Wrists weak or your grip weak for that matter. Most people who believe this just like to tell themselves they're stronger for not using gear. When we know they're just losing out on better results...

Unfortunately we hear this often.

This happens most of the time when someone walks away from their spot at the gym and comes back or forgets them at the gym. Or in the worst cases when a car is broken into and a gym bag is stolen.

Do not leave your MANIMAL Wrist Wraps unattended - people like the way they look and will steal them!

If you contact us at sales@manimal.com with your order info we'll send you a return customer promo code that you can use to get another pair.

When we designed our Wrist Wraps we made them with extra materials and built in breaking points so that as they wore down over the years they would still perform well.

When we say our Wrist Wraps last YEARS we mean it but....that does not mean they will look new.

Over the life of the Wrist Wraps threads will come out, elastic will snap and they will look beat up. You can trim down the threads and the elastic if you want but know that it's not a functional issue.

The only time there is an issue is when there are failures of the Velcro or if you notice an immediate decrease in the Performance of the Wraps.

In that case contact us immediately with your order information and we'll take care of it.

Before we released MANIMAL Wrist Wraps, over the course of a year of research and development, we learned that Wrist Wraps do not need to be long in order to be effective.

We created a superior design and sourced the best materials from around the world.

In doing so, we quickly realized we could outperform, outlast and provide a faster, more convenient solution - all while having a shorter Wrist Wrap.

The only reason a Wrist Wrap ever needs to be longer is to make up for cheap materials and a poor design.

OR - if you want to "Cast" your wrists for no movement of the wrists, no mobility and strictly a max effort lift that sacrifices comfort, versatility and extended wear time.

For this and strictly Strength Training we created Power/Mutant Wrist Wraps. At 31.5" long and stiffer materials with a tight stretch - these are intentionally longer to serve that purpose.

In conclusion - Never judge a Wrist Wrap by it's length. Always judge it by the quality of the materials and the design. Our Wrist Wraps are shorter because they are made better!

Yes - they are listed on the  United States Powerlifting Association approved gear list for 2020 and will continue to be in the future. We have a great amount of love and respect for the Powerlifting community and many of our customers compete in Powerlifting and other Strength Sports.

Lifting Belts

The size chart for our lifting belts can be found here. In short - grab a measuring tape and measure the full distance around, 4 inches above your waist or at your bellybutton, while in a relaxed state. Then check the chart and order accordingly. Do NOT use your waist size for your Lifting Belt.

The Lifting Belt is 8.5mm and made for versatility and support. This means you can use this belt for many training styles like Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and CrossFit. This belt will work for any movement or lift where you want back support and increased performance. It can be worn for long periods of time comfortably and comes with a Pioneer Cut for a better customized fit.

The Powerlifting Belt is 13mm and made for maximum support with heavy lifts. It is usually used for more traditional movements like Back Squats and Deadlifts. This is a much thicker belt that you wouldn't want to use for conditioning workouts and would take off between sets. Which is why it has a convenient PAL Lever for quick release and adjustment.

Shipping & Orders

Sure! We have four shipping options within the USA and two shipping options for International, you can choose from depending on when you want your goods.

The first is USPS 3-5 Day Ground. Depending on your location your order will reach you anywhere from 3 to 5 days, not including Sunday, from the moment it ships from our warehouse.

The next is USPS Priority 2-3 Day. This will get you your order in 2 to 3 days depending on your location and also excludes Sundays.

FedEx 2 Day will reach you in 2 days no matter where your location is within the USA.

FedEx Overnight will reach you the next day no matter where you are in the USA.

If you are shipping to a Military Base - you can only use USPS Shipping Options - unless you have a PO Box off-base.

If you are International you have two options.

DHL - less tracking information and delivery can take 10-14 days on average.

FedEx - more accurate tracking information and delivery within 7 days.

All International orders can be delayed by customs and take longer than the estimates in these shipping options. We highly encourage you use FedEx if you cannot wait for your order.

Yes - we ship worldwide via DHL and FedEx.

DHL usually takes a bit longer and has less tracking updates along the way.

FedEx is our premium International service, which offers better tracking and quicker delivery.

If you live in a remote area that is harder to reach - we highly recommend you choose FedEx for your International Orders.

We pride ourselves in having one of the best fulfillment operations of any online brand.

We ship the majority of our orders the same day and we ship out orders 7 days a week!

Our warehouse is centrally located in Tennessee so we can reach our customers all over the USA as fast as possible.

On average our orders are delivered in 3 days.

As soon as we ship your order, we send you an email notifying you that your order has been shipped.

This email has tracking information as well as all of your order information such as the items ordered and the shipping address.

You can go back to this email at any time and click to view the tracking information on the order.

You can also subscribe to order updates with your mobile number, email or Facebook messenger account. 

Once subscribed you will be notified every time the tracking information updates.

If the tracking information has not been updated - know that it is up to the carrier service to update this information and sometimes they do not update it as often as we would like.

Especially on International Orders, depending on customs it can take some time to have updated tracking.

Please have patience and of course feel free to reach out to us at sales@manimal.com.

Shoot us an email at sales@manimal.com with your order information and reason for return.

We'll send you a return label and you can ship the product back to us.

For orders that are not being exchanged and where there were no mistakes made by our team - there will be a restocking fee deducted from your refund.

If we made a mistake on the order we will issue a full refund based on the amount you paid or work with you to make it right in the most convenient way for you as possible.

We do not issue refunds for shipping and we do not accept used goods in returns.

Please do not ship us returns without an issued RMA and label.

We do accept exchanges as long as you have not used or worn the goods. Contact us at sales@manimal.com with your order info and requested exchange.

If the size you would like to exchange for is available and the product is still in new condition - we will issue you an exchange and send you a return label to ship back the product.

Once we receive the product back and have cleared it's condition as new - we'll send out the exchange.

Exchanges must be made for items of the same price at the time of your order. 

Otherwise refunds will be issued and another order will need to be made for the new items.

Regardless - we will work with you to make it as easy as possible.

No sweat, this happens all the time - especially with saved addresses.

Shoot us an email at sales@manimal.com with your order information and new address.

If we can catch the order before it ships we'll update it.

If it ships before we are able to change the address - that one's on you.

MANIMAL Prints are made custom to order. So they take anywhere from 5-8 Business Days to produce before they ship.

If you order contains more than just prints - we will split your order and ship you what we have in stock first. Then when the prints are finished we will send you those as well.

There is no extra cost for this service. And of course - you'll receive email notifications when they have been shipped.

If your order has been marked as Delivered and you can't find your order, there are a couple of things you should do first.

1. Check by your door, in your mailbox and with your neighbors to see if your package was moved or left somewhere you may have missed.

2. Check the Shipping Address in your Order Confirmation Email to make sure you gave us the correct address.

3. Call the Shipping Service in the tracking and ask them directly.

When you place an order and choose a Shipping Service (USPS, FedEx, DHL) we pack your order and hand it off to these shipping services to deliver to your provided Shipping Address. They confirm receipt of the order in the tracking information you are provided with.

At this point the only further information we have access to is the same information you have in the Tracking Updates.

Unfortunately, sometimes Tracking Updates are not accurate. We have seen delivery drivers mark packages as delivered before they were in fact delivered. Then they show up hours later.

We have also seen an increase in theft of packages that are mailed to unsecured drops. Mailboxes with no key entry, left by the door, on a porch etc.

In the case that everything was correct with the address and your order is marked as delivered and the shipping provider has no more information for you - we highly suggest you file a complaint against the driver. We have seen this result in the package magically appearing shortly after..

It is very rare that an order does not show up. We understand you want your goods but being patient here helps. If you have paid for an express service that is another situation entirely - please contact us at sales@manimal.com.

We recommend that if you do not have a secure mail drop off or live in an area that has a lot of problems with deliveries - you choose a premium shipping service when you place online orders or you should invest in a P.O. Box or another mail drop off service.

If you find that you gave us an incorrect Shipping Address, mistakes happen but we can't be responsible for situations outside of our control. You'll need to place another order if you can't recover the package.

Once an order leaves our facility we are no longer responsible for lost or stolen items and unfortunately cannot do much to help past offering you a discount on a follow up order.

Contact us within 30 days of the order date at sales@manimal.com and we will provide options to have the order sent back out or replaced with a new order.

Please note - no refunds will be offered after 30 days unless we have made a mistake with your order.

Shoot us an email at sales@manimal.com with you order information and we will do our best to cancel the order and issue you a refund.

The downside to having such fast order processing and shipping is that we can't guarantee we will get to your email before your order ships.

If your order ships, we cannot cancel your order and you will need to request a return.


We make three different types of Shirts.

Performance, Athletic and Premium.

Performance shirts are made with a blend of three fabrics (Ring Spun Cotton, Polyester, Rayon) that stretch well with your body, dry faster and feel more lightweight. They fit slightly loose than our other shirts to allow for maximum mobility.

Athletic shirts are made with a jersey blend of two fabrics (Ring Spun Cotton, Polyester) that provide high durability, good moisture management and can be worn casual or active. They fit tighter around the arms and body and are made to show off your Athletic physique.

Premium shirts are made with a Fine Jersey Cotton that feels soft to the touch, sits well on the body and provides a very comfortable fit while maintaining an athletic cut. You can still train in this shirt but it will take longer to dry afterwards.

All of our shirts are tagless, pre-shrunk and printed with the highest quality eco-friendly inks, with techniques that last years of use before they show wear.

We also guarantee that you won't feel the prints on our shirts, no matter how sweaty you get - because it's something we always hated about workout shirts.

All of shirts come in Men's sizing.

The fit of the shirt is a mix of athletic and fashion cut. This means they are tighter around the arms and body and slighter longer than regular shirts.

They are true to size for Athletic Shirts so if you order from other Athletic companies your usual size will work.

If you have questions please refer to our sizing chart if you do not know your size or are picky.

We make a limited quantity of each of our shirts. Our focus is always on Quality.

We use better materials, sustainable methods, eco friendly inks and never sacrifice for Quantity.

One of our brand values is: Quality over Quantity.

We want you to know that you're wearing a premium shirt that you'll reach for first every time.

With that said - once our shirts sell out, we don't often bring them back. The exception to this is our Mark Crews.

So - make sure you are subscribed to our email list and that they are not going to Spam. We'll send emails when our shirts are back in stock.

Our most popular size is Large and XL. So if you're anything other than that - buy immediately or you may miss out.

We suggest you machine wash your shirts cold and hang dry them. 

If you really love your shirts - turn them inside out, buy better detergent and use a good washing machine but hey, that's none of our business...

Contact Us

We are a small team but we work hard - like a skeleton crew deep into the night. 

You will almost always get a response within 24 hours and more times than not within a couple of hours.

There are many ways to contact us, including on social media - but if it's important the best way to reach us is email.

Include all the information you can so that we can help immediately.

Shoot us an email at sales@manimal.com with your order number in the Subject Line and we'll be happy help.

We appreciate your interest in working with MANIMAL.

The first step in working with us is loving what we do and what we're about. If you're not a customer you're going to have to convince us first...

Shoot us an email at info@manimal.com with all the relevant information and we'll take a look!


Yes - we offer 20% Off Sitewide.

We were one of the first "fitness" brands to offer a Military Discount.

Not just for Active Military Members but Veterans and their dependents. So that family of those who have served can also enjoy the benefits of our thanks!

See this page here for instructions on how to apply.

Follow the instructions on this page.

Feel free to black out any sensitive information.

Yes! We use USPS to ship to military and diplomatic bases whether domestic or International.

The cost and delivery of shipping is the same as a domestic shipment regardless of where you are!

When you place your order make sure you choose USPS as your shipping option.

The guidelines set by USPS for your address formatting can be found here.

In short - city should be APO, FPO or DPO. Country should be US. State should be Armed Forces Europe etc (AE, AP, AA) and you should have a zip code just as any other address.

At one time we were but we are currently not Veteran owned.

Although we do have family, friends, team members and advisors who are Veterans and have a strong impact on our American brand.

When MANIMAL launched in 2010 many of our first customers were part of the Veteran community and shaped much of who we are today.


MANIMAL is USPA approved but does not affiliate and is not approved through the IPF. We have talked to the International Powerlifting Federation since 2018 about approval but as many in the industry know, they charge extremely excessive fees to be on the approved list. As a brand that is built on strong beliefs, values and ethics - we do not support sports organizations that prioritize profits in this manner and selective market practices. If this makes you curious, do your research - we're not the first to openly state this.

Yes - our Wrist Wraps are approved and our lifting belts meet the requirements for competition within the United States Powerlifting Association.

Wholesale / Gyms / Teams

MANIMAL offers wholesale accounts to local gyms and brick and mortar retail shops. Please shoot us an email at sales@manimal.com if interested in stocking MANIMAL products.

If you own a gym and are interested in having some real motivation on your walls - shoot us an email at sales@manimal.com. We're all about helping gym owners motivate their athletes.

MANIMAL will program training curriculums in either 4 week, 8 week or 12 week formats. Shoot us an email at info@manimal.com and we can talk about how to make your members into Manimals.

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