We've been in this game since 2010 and we've answered more emails, messages, dms, texts, calls and questions than we care to admit. This is our attempt to let you answer them yourself.

Still, you can always email us at Just be nice or we won't respond...for a while.


MANIMAL has made the best wrist wraps on the planet since 2010. We know everything about the wrists and human performance - especialy in the gym - where we live.

One order contains one pair of Wrist Wraps. One wrap for each wrist. You can wear them on any wrist and mix colorways to look fresh.

No, you're not. This is one of the most common mistakes with wrist wraps.

Thumb Loops are there to assist in putting on your wraps and that's it.

If you wear them while you train, the thumb loop will pull on the wrap, rub on your thumb and stretch out over time.

Instead, take them off and let them hang or tuck them inbetween your wraps for a clean finish.

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps last 3 years of daily use, on average.

Our Founder still uses one of his oriignal pairs from 2010, to this day. But he's sentimental...

We've had some legendary pairs that have lasted 7 years of regular use before they needed to be replaced but that's not the norm.

By three years time, the wraps have stretched out and have a noticeable decrease in performance. Other brands hit this mark by 3 months if not less.

While our Wrist Wraps seem bulletproof, this does not mean they will continue to look new forever.

They will look worn down, dirty if never washed, have loose threads, snapped elastic, pillaged cotton and pillaged velcro but they should still perform well.

We overbuilt our Wrist Wraps with extra materials so they maintain their performance as they break down over the years.

With all that said- if you want the best performance out of your wraps, replace them every year for a fresh pair.

It took us over a year of research, development and rigorous testing, with gym athletes, to create the perfect wrist wrap.

At Manimal, we use quality materials and an innovative design that provide a perfect balance of stretch, support, comfort and durability.

During our testing we learned that: Most wrist wraps hide poor design and materials by adding length and they still don't perform well.

A quality wrist wrap doesn't need to be long and inconvenient to use.

We've produced shorter, better wrist wraps since 2010 and we did this on purpose!

They're quicker to put on and take off and...they still perform better.

For details on the exact length of a wrap, see the specs section under the product details.

To get the most out of your wrist eraps - we recommend you hand wash them. 

Fill a sink with cold water - add soap or detergent if desired. and soak the Wrist Wraps in the water. Squeeze and rinse like a sponge.

Repeat this step as many times as necessary or until the water in the sink no longer looks dirty.

Do not scrub them against each other or other objects.

You can Machine Wash your wrist wraps on a cold setting but it can lower the life of the wraps.

Some of our customers machine wash, others hand wash - all Hang Dry.

Do not Machine dry your Wrist Wraps. Unless you're sending them to Valhalla...

1. Put your thumb through the thumb loop.

2. Fold your hand back so your palm is facing up.

3. Form a fist so your forearm is flexed and keep this position for the next steps.

4. Line up the wrist wrap with the top of your wrist under the base of the hand.

5. Wrap the Wrist Wrap around your wrist lining up with the layers below each wrap.

6. Pull as tight or loose as you want.

7. Attach the Velcro.

8. Remove thumb loop and tuck under or in between. (Do not wear!)

8. Train Hard and Stand Apart!

No - we do not make a left or right Wrist Wrap. They are ambidextrous.

We're all about functional, convenient products.

Just pull your Wrist Wraps out of your bag and put them on any hand, without thinking twice about it.

You can even wear different colorways togeher for some extra style.

Strength is a lifelong pursuit. It takes time to build and it is relative for all athletes.

Whether you are new to training or a veteran lifter, there are benefits to wearing Wrist Wraps.

Performance and Longevity are everything and proper gear supports that.

If you want to get the most from your training, protect your wrists or train pain free, quality wrist wraps are a game changer.

Every athlete should have a pair in their gym bag.

Wrist Wraps do NOT weaken your wrists. This is a myth and we've disproven it since 2010.

If you'd like - read more below for an in-depth explanation.

Let's learn something about the wrists to help understand better.

Your Wrists joint is comprised of two main bones, with ligaments inbetween. The Ulna and the Radius bone.

The reason Wrist Wraps work is because they provide compression of the Ulna and Radius bones. This removes the strain from the ligaments by creating a neutral position and a stronger structure.

This structure allows us to load the wrist with heavy weight and trasnfer power more efficiently through the body. Now you're using the larger muscles in the body and stimulating growth and Strength.

Your wrists were not designed to be used the way we use them in the gym. They're not ankles, which are loaded every day, naturally. They were designed for fine and precise motor movements. Which means you use your wrists every day, for just about everything you do with your hands and fingers. You're using your wrists now while browsing our website.

The forearms have a ton of muscles in them and these muscles control and support the wrists. This is where wrist srength really comes from.

When you wear Wrist Wraps, your forearms are not affected and still have to do all the work they would usually do during training. In fact if you're now lifting heavier, from the wraps, you can argue your forearms are being stimulated even more.

As a result, you're not losing the strength needed to use your wrists by wearing wrist wraps.

On top of this -If you're injured, Wrist Wraps stop your wrists from ending up in vulnerable positions where weight and pressure is on the ligaments and tissues, as opposed to being supported by the structure of the wrists. This allows them to heal - while you continue to train.

We've had a world-class Biomechanic Doctor, who transformed the sports footwear industry, run tests on wrist wraps to further educate us.

We've also run many tests with long time customers who have worn MANIMAL Wrist Wraps for years in daily training and competition. After stopping the use of our Wrist Wraps and continuing to train - they noticed no weakness or loss of strength in their wrist. Many reported increased strength in their wrists that had occured during the years of wearing our wrist wraps. Whether that was from using the wrists in a proper position or the combined result of lifting more weight, over time - we can't objectively say.

But, people with little education or experience will have you believe that wearing wrist wraps will make your wrists weak because it's someone been passed down in gym culture - that using gear makes you weaker.

We know this is bullshit and it's much like playing youth sports and sucking it up, continuing to play, when you get badly injured because the coach told you to be a man. You look back on it and cringe after you've spent years in pain.

Learn to use the right tools and gear in your training and see your true potential. This game is all about Performance and Longevity. Do it as well as you can for as long as you can.

MANIMAL Wrist Wraps are the most stolen wrist wraps, period. We've got years of emails from customers about this.

While we appreciate how much people love our wraps, we hate thieves. Especially in the gym.

If you leave your wrist wraps unattended inbetween your sets, or when you go to the bathroom - someone will take them.

Do not leave your MANIMAL Wrist Wraps unattended.

If you do lose your wrist wraps, contact us at with your order info. We'll send you a promo code that you can use to get another pair.

We sourced the highest quality materials from around the world and overbuilt our wraps with extra materials so that they would still perform while breaking down.

This means that while your wrist wraps may not look new and may have threads or elastic hanging off, they should still perform well.

You can absolutely trim any excess material off the wraps with scissors or a sharp knife but we do not recommend pulling on the materials.

If you feel the performance of your wrap has declined and this is a result of a defect, follow the instructions here from our Lifetime Warranty page.

Machine washing your wraps is completely your choice. Many of our customers machine wash and hang dry without any problems. If there are issues with your wraps after machine washing them, unfortunately it will not be covered by warranty.

Yes. Every pair of MANIMAL Wrist Wraps is covered by the same warranty, as long as you can show proof of original purchase.

We spent over a year developing MANIMAL Wrist Wraps. During that time we learned a lot and over the past decade of running this brand we've learned even more.

Most companies hide the poor quality of their wrist wraps with length.

The problem is adding length doesn't increase the performance of the wrap and it makes it less convenient to use.

In a matter of months the poor design and materials have stretched out and are providing little to no performance.

We focused on creating a design that provided an unparalleled combiantion of compression, durability and comfort.

We did this by sourcing the best materials and taking our time during development to create the perfect design.

Our Wrist Wraps are easier and quicker to put on and take off and they outperform longer wrist wraps for years.

There is one exception to the length - casting your wrists. Some Powerlifters prefer to cast their wrist before a max bench. For anyone willing to sacrifice mobility and comfort of the wrist and hand to lift the most weight possible - we created Heavy Wrist Wraps (See Power & Mutant) at 31.5" in length. These are for strictly lifting heavy and will need to be taken off frequently as they cut off blood flow.

Yes. MANIMAL Wrist Wraps are on the approved gear list for the United States Powerlifting Association and the International Powerlifting League.


MANIMAL Lifting Belts are made in the USA with innovative performance features, the highest quality materials and will last long enough for you to pass them down to your kids.

The size chart for our lifting belts can be found here.

In short - grab a measuring tape and measure the full distance around, 4 inches above your waist or at your bellybutton, while in a relaxed state. Then check the chart and order accordingly.

Do NOT use your waist size for your Lifting Belt Size.

The Lifting Belt is 8.5mm and made for versatility and support. This means you can use this belt for many training styles like Weightlifting, Bodybuilding and CrossFit. This belt will work for any movement or lift where you want back support and increased performance. It can be worn for long periods of time comfortably and comes with a Pioneer Cut for a better customized fit.

The Powerlifting Belt is 13mm and made for maximum support with heavy lifts. It is usually used for more traditional movements like Back Squats and Deadlifts. This is a much thicker belt that you wouldn't want to use for conditioning workouts and would take off between sets. Which is why it has a convenient PAL Lever for quick release and adjustment.

If your belt is in new condition and in the original packaging we can setup a return for you. Please email us at You will need to ship the belt back to us and place a new order for the correct size. If no replacement order is made when we receive the belt - you will be charged a 15% restocking fee. You can read our Refund Policy here.


Sure! We have five shipping options within the USA and two shipping options for International, you can choose from depending on when you want your goods.

The first is USPS First Class 5-8 Day. Depending on your location your order will reach you anywhere from 5 to 8 days, not including Sunday, from the moment it ships from our warehouse.

The next is USPS Priority 2-3 Day. This will get you your order in 2 to 3 days depending on your location and also excludes Sundays.

We also offer UPS Surepost 5 Day. This will guarantee the order will reach you in 5 days, exlcuding Sunday.

FedEx 2 Day will reach you in 2 days no matter where your location is within the USA.

FedEx Overnight will reach you the next day no matter where you are in the USA.

If you are shipping to a Military Base - you can only use USPS Shipping Options - unless you have a PO Box off-base.

If you are International you have two options.

DHL - less tracking information and delivery can take anywhere from 30-60 days on average. Yes, since COVID that has been how long it can take. It used to be 10-15 days.

FedEx - more accurate tracking information and delivery within 7 days.

All International orders can be delayed by customs and take longer than the estimates in these shipping options. We highly encourage you use FedEx if you cannot wait for your order.

We do not offer refunds for lost International Shipments. Please see our Shipping Policy for more info.

Yes - we ship worldwide via DHL and FedEx.

DHL can take anywhere from 15-60 days and the tracking is limited. We do not recommend using DHL if you cannot wait for your order.

FedEx is our premium International service, which offers better tracking and quicker delivery. Generally within 15 days.

If you live in a remote area that is harder to reach - we highly recommend you choose FedEx for your International Orders.

We pride ourselves in having one of the best fulfillment operations of any online brand.

We ship the majority of our orders the same day and we ship out orders 7 days a week!

Our warehouse is centrally located in Tennessee so we can reach our customers all over the USA as fast as possible.

On average our orders are delivered in 3 days.

As soon as we ship your order, we send you an email notifying you that your order has been shipped.

This email has tracking information as well as all of your order information such as the items ordered and the shipping address.

You can go back to this email at any time and click to view the tracking information on the order.

If you placed an order from us and do not see an email, check your SPAM folder. If our email is there simply mark it not as spam and all future emails should arrive in your inbox.

You can also subscribe to order updates with your mobile number, email or Facebook messenger account. 

Once subscribed you will be notified every time the tracking information updates.

If the tracking information has not been updated - know that it is up to the carrier service to update this information and sometimes they do not update it as often as we would like.

Especially on International Orders, depending on customs it can take some time to have updated tracking.

Please have patience and of course feel free to reach out to us at

Shoot us an email at with your order information and reason for return.

We'll send you a return label and you can ship the product back to us.

For orders that are not being exchanged and where there were no mistakes made by our team - there will be a restocking fee of 15% deducted from your refund.

If we made a mistake on the order we will issue a full refund based on the amount you paid or work with you to make it right in the most convenient way for you as possible.

We do not issue refunds for shipping and we do not accept used goods in returns.

Please do not ship us returns without an issued RMA and label.

See our Refund Policy here.

No sweat, this happens all the time - especially with saved addresses.

Shoot us an email at with your order information and new address.

If we can catch the order before it ships we'll update it.

If it ships before we are able to change the address - that one's on you.

MANIMAL Prints are made custom to order. So they take anywhere from 5-8 Business Days to produce before they ship.

If you order contains more than just prints - we will split your order and ship you what we have in stock first. Then when the prints are finished we will send you those as well.

There is no extra cost for this service. And of course - you'll receive email notifications when they have been shipped.

If your order has been marked as Delivered and you can't find your order, there are a couple of things you should do first.

1. Check by your door, in your mailbox and with your neighbors to see if your package was moved or left somewhere you may have missed.

2. Check the Shipping Address in your Order Confirmation Email to make sure you gave us the correct address.

3. Call the Shipping Service in the tracking and ask them directly.

When you place an order and choose a Shipping Service (USPS, FedEx, DHL) we pack your order and hand it off to these shipping services to deliver to your provided Shipping Address. They confirm receipt of the order in the tracking information you are provided with.

At this point the only further information we have access to is the same information you have in the Tracking Updates.

Unfortunately, sometimes Tracking Updates are not accurate. We have seen delivery drivers mark packages as delivered before they were in fact delivered. Then they show up hours later.

We have also seen an increase in theft of packages that are mailed to unsecured drops. Mailboxes with no key entry, left by the door, on a porch etc.

In the case that everything was correct with the address and your order is marked as delivered and the shipping provider has no more information for you - we highly suggest you file a complaint against the driver. We have seen this result in the package magically appearing shortly after..

It is very rare that an order does not show up. We understand you want your goods but being patient here helps. If you have paid for an express service that is another situation entirely - please contact us at

We recommend that if you do not have a secure mail drop off or live in an area that has a lot of problems with deliveries - you choose a premium shipping service when you place online orders or you should invest in a P.O. Box or another mail drop off service.

If you find that you gave us an incorrect Shipping Address, mistakes happen but we can't be responsible for situations outside of our control. You'll need to place another order if you can't recover the package.

Once an order leaves our facility we are no longer responsible for lost or stolen items and unfortunately cannot do much to help past offering you a discount on a follow up order.

Contact us within 30 days of the order date at and we will provide options to have the order sent back out or replaced with a new order.

Please note - no refunds will be offered after 30 days unless we have made a mistake with your order.

Shoot us an email at with you order information and your reason for canceling and we will do our best to cancel the order and issue you a refund.

The downside to having such fast order processing and shipping is that we can't guarantee we will get to your email before your order ships.

If your order ships, we cannot cancel your order and you will need to request a return.


If you own one, or know how much we put into our shirts. They fit better, last longer and have style that can be worn no matter where you're going or what you're doing.

Performance, Athletic and Premium.

Performance shirts are made with a blend of three fabrics (Ring Spun Cotton, Polyester, Rayon) that stretch well with your body, dry faster and feel more lightweight. They fit slightly loose than our other shirts to allow for maximum mobility.

Athletic shirts are made with a jersey blend of two fabrics (Ring Spun Cotton, Polyester) that provide high durability, good moisture management and can be worn casual or active. They fit tighter around the arms and body and are made to show off your Athletic physique.

Premium shirts are made with a Fine Jersey Cotton that feels soft to the touch, sits well on the body and provides a very comfortable fit while maintaining an athletic cut. You can still train in this shirt but it will take longer to dry afterwards.

All of our shirts are tagless, pre-shrunk and printed with the highest quality eco-friendly inks, with techniques that last years of use before they show wear.

We also guarantee that you won't feel the prints on our shirts, no matter how sweaty you get - because it's something we always hated about workout shirts.

All of our shirts come in Men's sizing.

The fit of the shirt is a mix of athletic and fashion cut. This means they are tighter around the arms and body and slighter longer than regular shirts.

They are true to size for Athletic Shirts so if you order from other Athletic brands your usual size will work.

If you need more information please refer to our sizing chart and take a look a the question above - "What's the diffwrence between your Shirts?"

We do accept exchanges as long as you have not used or worn the goods. Contact us at with your order info and requested exchange.

If the size you would like to exchange for is available and the product is still in new condition - we will issue you an exchange and send you a return label to ship back the product.

Once we receive the product back and have cleared it's condition as new - we'll send out the exchange.

Exchanges must be made for items of the same price at the time of your order. 

Otherwise refunds will be issued and another order will need to be made for the new items.

Regardless - we will work with you to make it as easy as possible.

Unfortunately, since COVID the cost of producing our shirts have over doubled, so our stock is limited.

With that said - We make a limited quantity of each of our shirts. Our focus is always on Quality.

We use better materials, sustainable methods, eco friendly inks and never sacrifice for Quantity.

One of our brand values is: Quality over Quantity.

We want you to know that you're wearing a premium shirt that you'll reach for first every time.

Once our shirts sell out, we don't often bring them back. The exception to this is our Mark Crews.

So - make sure you are subscribed to our email list and that they are not going to Spam. We'll send emails when our shirts are back in stock.

Our most popular size is Large and XL. So if you're anything other than that - buy immediately as there are less in stock and they sell fast.

We suggest you machine wash your shirts cold and hang dry them. 

If you really love your shirts - turn them inside out, buy better detergent and use a good washing machine but hey, that's none of our business...


Shoot us an email at with your order number in the Subject Line and we'll be happy to help.

We are a small team but we work hard - like a skeleton crew deep into the night. 

You will usually get a response within 24 hours and more times than not sooner than that.

During busier times of the year it can take up to 48 hours to get a response.

There are many ways to contact us, including on social media - but if it's important the best way to reach us is email.

General -

Orders -

Include all the information you can so that we can help immediately.

If we have no idea what you're talking about - it is going to take longer to help you.

If you're rude or disrespectful - expect delayed responses. =)

We appreciate your interest in working with MANIMAL.

The first step in working with us is loving what we do and what we're about. If you're not a customer you're going to have to convince us first...

Shoot us an email at with all the relevant information and we'll take a look!


Yes - we offer 20% Off Sitewide.

We were one of the first "fitness" brands to offer a Military & First Responder Discount.

See this page here for instructions on how to apply or click on GOVx when you checkout.

Yes! We use USPS to ship to military and diplomatic bases whether domestic or International.

The cost and delivery of shipping is the same as a domestic shipment regardless of where you are!

When you place your order make sure you choose USPS as your shipping option.

The guidelines set by USPS for your address formatting can be found here.

In short - city should be APO, FPO or DPO. Country should be US. State should be Armed Forces Europe etc (AE, AP, AA) and you should have a zip code just as any other address.

We were previously veteran owned but as of today we are not.

Don’t worry though - we haven’t sold out, our founders are involved and we have maintained our values.

With that said - we have had veteran advisors, partners and team members who have continued to support us along the way.

When MANIMAL launched in 2010 many of our core group were part of the Veteran community. This influence shaped much of who we are today and will forever be engrained in our principals, values and beliefs.


Yes - our Wrist Wraps are approved and our lifting belts meet the requirements for competition within the United States Powerlifting Association.

MANIMAL has made the choice to not be approved through the USAPL / IPF.

We have talked to the International Powerlifting Federation since 2018 about approval but as many in the industry know, they charge extremely excessive fees to be on the approved list.

As a brand that is built on strong beliefs, values and ethics - we do not support sports organizations that operate unethically for the sake of profits.

To say that gear needs to meet certain technical standards and to charge to review the gear is completely appropriate. To say that gear only meets the standards if you pay the organization large sums of money yearly, has nothing to do with sport or standards and is only a way for these organizations to take advantage of their athletes.

If you’re curious about the costs - we’re talking yearly sums equivalent to the cost of luxury vehicles.

Over the years we've sponsored many events. Shoot us an email at, with all the relevant information and we'll look at it.

There's only must for us when it comes to events - you have a place to hang a big banner and you don't mind hurting people's feelings. =)


MANIMAL offers wholesale accounts to local gyms and brick and mortar retail shops.

Please shoot us an email at if you’re interested in stocking MANIMAL products.

If you own a gym and are interested in having some real motivation on your walls - shoot us an email at

We're all about helping gym owners and we know how to motivate your athletes with a statement that matches your gym culture.

Afterall, we live it.

So you want to make beasts huh?

MANIMAL offers programming curriculums in 4 week, 8 week or 12 week formats.

Shoot us an email at and we can talk about how to make your members fit as fuck and love your gym.


The best way to learn About Us is to read our story here. But we'll answer a couple questions too.

We started MANIMAL in 2009 with an official launch, early 2010 in Portland, Oregon.

We were full time CrossFit coaches and CrossFit gym owners that wanted to create products that met our standards of quality, performance and longevity.

Back in the day (2008) if you were called a MANIMAL, it meant there was no difference between you and an animal while you were working out.

It was the ultimate compliment of strength.

For us - it means the blend between man and animal and all that comes with it.

That’s why our mark is a mix of a human hand and a wolf paw.