MANIMAL Powerlifting Belt - 13mm - PAL Lever

The MANIMAL Powerlifting Lever Belt is a rare example of Lightning and Thunder. This black on black belt is made for Strength athletes that want the complete package of longevity, performance, and convenience.

Produced in partnership with Pioneer, each lifting belt is hand crafted with Texas sole leather and 100% Made in the USA. This leather is notorious for being the most durable and long lasting - period. The craftsmanship of this belt will blind some upon the first gaze. 

The patented Pioneer Adjustable Lever (PAL) allows a lifter to adjust in half an inch increments with the same speed and convenience of a Lever Belt. This way you can throw your belt on quickly, select the pin spot and adjust the fit exactly how you like it for every lift, without ever needing to remove the lever system. The plates that attach the PAL provide a noticeably more rigid and supportive fit but still allow for a quick release. 

Most 13mm belts are stiff and uncomfortable. With the addition of the interior and exterior, non slip, double suede, this belt is more comfortable than other 13mm belts while still providing maximum support. The garment leather used is stunning and maintains magnificence over the long life of the belt.

The features of this fine tuned belt has made it unlike any other 13mm weight belt. It offers the absolute best in every category without sacrificing comfort and versatility.

"Like a Samurai to his sword, as you hold this belt - you will feel your soul bond to it. It will show you many years of successful and heavy lifts. It will grow with you and when you're gone it will serve as a reminder to your legacy - reserved only for use on the most glorious of days. A legendary belt for a legend." - MANIMAL

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  • 13mm
  • 4" Width for Maximum Support
  • Patented Adjustable Pioneer Lever (PAL) for lift specific Fit and Speed
  • Durable Sole Leather for Lifelong Performance
  • Double Suede Non Slip Garment Leather for Stunning Comfort
  • 100% Made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
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