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“Mutants, super beings, gods, aliens, a guy who sticks to walls at one extreme, a creature who eats planets at the other; Each one that comes into being, they feel, diminishes the rest of humanity, ordinary homo sapiens, that little bit more."

These wraps are 31.5" (80cm) in length and made with stiff elastic that provides strong compression of the wrist joint and maximum support.

Mutant Wrist Wraps are the combined result of year long testing from our most competitive Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman athletes.

If you're looking for the absolute strongest wrist wraps we make and want to lift as heavy as possible - these are for you.

Evolve into something stronger, with Mutant Wrist Wraps!



  • Length: 31.5in / 80cm
  • Specialty: Lifting Heavy / Max Days / Post Injury
  • Support: Maximum

*USPA Approved*

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