Lifting Belts Size Guide

It's important to have the right size lifting belt, especially if it's been a while or you are new to Lifting Belts. The most common mistake people make with sizing a belt is assuming their waist size is their belt size.

Your belt size is not your waist size!

MANIMAL Lifting Belts should be sized according to where your belt will sit during training. For most people that is 4 inches above the waist or in line with your belly button.

Once you have that spot, grab a tape measure (soft preferred) and measure the total distance while in a relaxed upright state. Do not flex or suck in your gut while doing this.

Make sure to pull the measuring tape tight to get an accurate read.

Now that you have the distance - choose the appropriate size below:

  • Small- 27″ - 36″
  • Medium- 31″ - 40″
  • Large- 35″ - 44″
  • X-Large- 39″ - 48″

See MANIMAL Lifting Belts here.

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