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Knowledge is Power

A question that comes up often in training is “What do I eat after my workout?”. The answer depends entirely on how you’ve been training and more specifically what you did that day.

There are two main macronutrients you’ll want to consume both pre and post workout. Carbs and Protein. 

Recently I discovered I had been in a strength routine that blinded me from my own progress and again reinforced the need to measure Volume.

I’ve been in a gym training consistently for 12 years. Like anyone, I’ve built my warmup sets around certain weight jumps based on what I feel is appropriate for the goals of the day and my maxes on that lift.

There’s a method to avoid injury and the risks associated with coming back to training. Within our circle we call this Breaking the Seal.

There’s two ways to approach it. You can get back in the gym and alter your training or you can find activities to do outside of the gym to warm up the body and reboot things.