MANIMAL 12.5" Decal

The best way to up the ante on any surface is to throw a MANIMAL decal on it. This isn't just any decal either - it's a statement associated with the brand you love and the life you live.

This MANIMAL decal is 12.5" in length, Die-Cut Vinyl, UV and Water Resistant, applicable to any service and will survive years on any surface!


1.Find a spot for the sticker and wipe the window or surface clean with a mild cleaner. Allow to dry.

2.Peel off the white backing layer from the decal, leaving only the sticker and clear transfer layer.

3.Place your decal. carefully Use a credit card to rub out bubbles and smooth the sticker onto the surface.

4.Remove the clear transfer layer by peeling it off starting from the corner. Only the MANIMAL letters should be left.

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