Old Glory Knee Wraps

There's nothing quite like wearing Red, White and Blue in the gym. Show your American Pride with Old Glory Knee Wraps.

Sold as a pair in 2 Meter Length. **WARNING: 2 Meter MANIMAL Knee Wraps perform better than 2.5 Meter Wraps.** Enjoy high performance without the extra wrapping due to our unique MANIMAL design.

MANIMAL Knee Wraps are created with the same high performance, high quality materials our Wrist Wraps are made with. This allows for a heavy, medium or light wrap, making them the most versatile wrap in the industry. Perfect for training and competition.

Whether your goal is to use Knee Wraps to stop you in the hole or have a strong rebound from the bottom while squatting these will do the job and last years of use.

Combine them with Old Glory Wrist Wraps for the ultimate combination.

Length: 2 Meter MANIMAL (Equivalent to 2.5 Meter Performance)
Level: Novice to Advanced
Comfort: Comfortable to Tough
Stretch: High Stretch
Rebound: Strong Rebound
Weight: Heavy
Stance: Wide / Narrow
Versatility: Very Versatile
Sport: Powerlifting, CrossFit, Weightlifting
Sold As: Pair of 2

MANIMAL donates 20% of the proceeds from Old Glory Knee Wraps sales to the Boys and Girls Club of America. An organization that promotes and enhances the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.
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