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MANIMAL Lifting Belt - 8.5mm - Pioneer Cut

Regular price$ 195.00

The MANIMAL Lifting Belt is produced for athletes who want the highest quality lifting belt for every training day. It is comfortable, supportive and made to last more than a lifetime.

Produced in partnership with Pioneer, these lifting belts are handcrafted, one at a time, from quality Texas leather and completely Made in the USA.

Featuring the patented Pioneer Cut™ which allows for an athlete to adjust the belt in half inch increments. This provides a perfect fit and better performance no matter what day, what lift and what amount of support is needed. It also allows the belt to be taken off quicker and easier.

Every belt is treated with a conditioner, polish, and sealant to maximize sheen and longevity. The outside of the belt is beautifully hand dyed brown with black edges while the interior is lined with genuine black, non-slip, Suede to provide unparalleled comfort and performance during your training.

"Do not confuse this belt for another mass produced lifting belt - it will smell like leather, sweat testosterone and be a piece of gear you might just hand down to your first born - if he's lucky." - MANIMAL

Size your belt here.

    • 8.5mm
    • 3" wide for maximum Versatility & Support
    • Patented Pioneer Cut for micro adjustments and Superior Fit
    • Durable 100% vegetable tanned sole leather
    • Custom dyed and treated for sheen and Longevity
    • Non-slip Suede interior for maximum Comfort & Performance 
    • 100% Made in USA
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • USPA Competition Approved

    It is important to get the correct size belt and belts can vary in fit.

    See our size guide here before ordering.

    The majority of our orders ship the same day, and we ship 7 days/week. Average delivery time is 3 days.

    For domestic shipping, we provide 4 options, depending on how soon you’d like your MANIMAL products delivered.

    For international shipping, we offer 2 options. Consider choosing our premium international shipping services (FedEx) to ensure orders are delivered quickly and with real-time tracking updates.

    More details in our FAQs.

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    MANIMAL leads the pack with the best wrist wraps

    Rugged Design

    You can expect 2+ years of support from our durable wrist wraps, on average.

    Form Meets Function

    Every wrist wrap is designed to help you reach peak performance, with an item you’re proud to wear.

    Lifetime Warranty

    If our solid products have a design or materials flaw, we will make it right. See details.

    – Yousuf Karsh

    "Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness."

    Wear the MANIMAL ethos at the gym or box, at home – and everywhere in between.

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    Constructed by coaches

    Tested by professionals. Developed by Strength & Conditioning coaches and gym owners. We make the best wrist wraps and workout accessories out there, so you can evolve into the strongest version of yourself.

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    lifting belt leather pioneer
    MANIMAL Lifting Belt - 8.5mm - Pioneer Cut
    $ 195.00